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10 Home Upgrades That Will Attract First-Time Homebuyers

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The government response to the Coronavirus pandemic included containment measures such as curfews, quarantines, and lockdowns. This means that most people around the world spent days in their homes. Thus, homes have become everything for their owners, including a place for entertainment, gym, workplace, etc. While you may have enjoyed your home’s comfort, other homeowners have definitely added home upgrades to their bucket lists because of the discomfort and need for more space. 


Although the pandemic has delayed the home buying season, the demand for new homes remains intact. And when the buying season begins, homeowners will be looking out for the following home upgrades ideas.

  1. Large and modern baths

In the past, bathtubs and Jacuzzis were the major selling points for most homes. While they are still essential for most homes, most first-time homebuyers prefer large and modern showers. Functional and well-designed bathrooms with multiple bodies and head sprayers are becoming more attractive. 

Therefore, for home upgrades bathrooms, you can consider removing the old-fashioned tubs and expanding your showers. You can incorporate glass enclosure and modern tiles that can be cleaned easily with the best shower cleaner.


  1. Energy efficiency

The cost of energy is a burden to most homeowners. Thus, first-time homebuyers will definitely look out for ways of saving on energy. As a home seller, you need an energy-efficient upgrade on your property to attract buyers. One option is to include energy-efficient appliances that do not consume a lot of power. Additionally, you can install solar panels on the rooftop to power appliances such as water heaters and washing machines and light up the security lights at night.

  1. Low maintenance cost

First-time homebuyers will have spent a lot of money purchasing the property and may not appreciate spending some more on maintaining the home. Some buyers are struggling to pay their mortgage and may not have so much money. Thus, most buyers prefer homes with little to maintenance costs, such as the “move-in ready” houses.


  1. Personalized workspace

There is one lesson employees and employers have learned from this pandemic; it is the possibility of working from home. Some people, including business owners, freelancers, and young professionals, will continue to work from home. Remote work opportunities are also on the rise. Therefore, first-time homebuyers are eager to find personalized workspaces. Creating a home office is one of the DIY home upgrades that you may consider when you move into a new home.

  1. More space

    More space

Even before the pandemic kicked in, first-time homebuyers were already obsessed with more space. The lockdown and quarantine have just added to the demand for spacious homes. As a home seller, you need to provide areas where homeowners and their friends can gather for social activities such as watching games or playing video games. A patio is an upgrade that you may think of if you want to create more space. 

Alternatively, you can transform one of the rooms into a meeting and entertainment place within the home.

  1. Walk-in pantry

First-time homebuyers want more extra space everywhere. Apart from the laundry room, they also need walk-in pantries to store their extra home stuff like food, dishes, linen, etc. The pantry is only complete for most people if it has shelves or cabinets to arrange these extras neatly.

  1. Smart home features

Most first-time home buyers today are millennials who are tech-savvy. They want to explore the world in the comfort of their homes. As a home seller, these millennials expect you to meet their demand for technology. Thus, they place a priority on home gadget upgrades and smart features such as internet connectivity and cell phone services. 

Homes with automation options allow homeowners to control the sound system, security system, and thermostat. Homebuyers are also on the lookout for a property with USB power outlets.

  1. LED lighting

If you are selling your home, you shouldn’t ignore your home interior upgrades. Lighting is some of the ways to add functionality and curb appeal to the home. A properly lit home is welcoming and attractive to homebuyers. People will frown at homes with poor lighting. As part of home upgrades, you can replace the old-fashioned bulbs with LED lights and highlight some of the features with accent lighting.

  1.  Laundry room

According to a recent statistic, 91% of new home buyers prefer homes with laundry rooms because of the convenience. Having a room for ironing clothes helps keep the living space tidy and organized. Thus, having laundry in the home will be an advantage for homebuyers who don’t like the idea of ​​a public laundry.

  1. Neutral colors

If you plan to paint your home before selling it, it would be safe if you chose neutral colors. Avoid those “shouting” or bright colors that will put off potential first-time home buyers. You can use soft-grays, beige, warm tans, or anything flashy when repainting.


As a home seller, you need to answer the question; what home upgrades do first-time homebuyers want? This question will help you understand your customers’ needs and offer them a property that will meet their demands. Remember, buyers are willing to pay for the features they desire.

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Which of the above home upgrades will you go for?


Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.


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