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Putting on the Ritz!

  • November 28, 2017
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Putting on the Ritz!


Recently, at a Global Network Conference for Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR), our Team Leader, Alex Irish, had the opportunity to hear a most inspiring and motivational speaker, Jeff Hargett. He is the Senior Director, Culture Transformation at the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Centre. A rather lofty title but as his audience soon discovered, an accurate one! It also became evident as Jeff spoke that there are great similarities between the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel chain and Sotheby’s International Realty. Both companies provide a service in a highly competitive industry. Jeff noted that memorable customer service is the true differentiator in our respective businesses, and authentic, personalized service is what drives our customer loyalty.

Our employees worldwide have created a culture where impressive service and personalized client experiences are the norm. Similarly, both companies are selling value, not defined by a price point, and both strive to provide consistency throughout their global locations. The motto of “doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” struck a chord with all Sotheby’s International Realty conference attendees. It is a straightforward statement but the anticipatory part of the equation is by far the most challenging and critical to brand loyalty.

Like all levels of Ritz-Carlton employees, Sotheby’s International Realty sales representatives also seek the opportunity to turn customer interactions into defining moments. Luxury is indeed an experience, one that the Alex Irish & Associates team combines with our extraordinary service and professionalism, resulting in lifelong clients.

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