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Alex Irish Kindness Tour: Part 1

People are the heart and soul of any great community. Here in the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and Hamilton region, we are incredibly fortunate to have such strong local communities to live, work, and raise a family in. But, there’s always more work to be done. That’s why in 2017 we launched the Kindness Tour, a charitable initiative that runs every day each February, offering our team the chance to give back to the many worthy causes we are passionate about.

Those That Eat Together, Stay Together

Food is a central component to social connection; it’s also a human need. One of our main areas of focus centres on just that, by providing local families, students, and individuals with the food they need not only to survive, but to thrive. This year was no different! Kicking off our annual Kindness Tour on February 1, our team chose to donate to Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers balanced meals to individuals in the community who are unable to attend to these needs.

It’s Hard to Think When You’re Hungry

Over the past few decades, the importance of proper nutrition on academic success has become very clear. Unfortunately, proper nutrition, or even adequate amounts of food in general, can be very expensive, so we aim to support charities that supplement this area for these children and their families. To highlight a few wonderful programs, this year we teamed up with FOOD4KIDS and HALTON FOOD FOR THOUGHT, initiatives that provide for children in need on weekends and in the mornings before school.

Meals Make Communities

One of our favourite local charities to both volunteer at and provide donations to is The Kerr Street Mission (KSM). This organization is supported by their many generous volunteers who come together to cook and package up to 2000 meals a month for at-risk and low-income families. What’s fantastic about the KSM is that they don’t stop at just food. On February 8, we headed over to deliver kitchen supplies to a family in need. Then on February 12, we teamed up with them again as well as with The Neighbour Care Network, a shared initiative of local church ministries organized by KSM, to supply a family with fresh linens and pillows for a better sleep environment.

The Mission provides so many things to so many people, from a safe space to gather and eat to the supplies and support needed to develop stronger, healthier goals for the future. These are the kinds of things that we at Alex Irish seek to support as often as possible!

Random Acts of Kindness

It was largely due to the feedback from our local communities about our initial Kindness Tour that we felt confident in our decision to instate this as an annual event.

One of the ideas that our initiative was based on was this idea of “random acts of kindness”, therefore making each day focused on a different cause or organization. That allows us to support many things all at once, from supplying families with groceries to ensuring children start their school day off with a clear mind, to even bolstering our local community with a little surprise here and there. For one of these moments, on February 27, we delivered hot coffee and donuts to two of our development projects. This was just a little something to remind the staff that their hard work was appreciated and that someone was thinking of their wellbeing. These are the things that we believe make up a stronger community, and we have found a way to do it better together.

Our Goal Is to Build Better Communities in Any Way We Can

As the title states, our goal is to help inspire, build, and support strong communities. We want to give back to local organizations and inspire others to take part as well. By being passionate and hardworking in Oakville real estate, we draw even more wonderful people to our area. Whether that is through our homes for sale, our condos for sale, or even through helping people prepare their beautiful homes to put on the market for someone else to enjoy, being the best at our jobs helps us to be the best version of ourselves. And as the best version ourselves, we can pay it forward to others. If you’re looking for assistance in the local real estate market or have any questions about the charities we support, please reach out to us—we’re always happy to help!

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