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210 Gloucester Avenue, Oakville by Alex Irish & Associates

Modern Colours That Never Go Out of Style

Working at an international brokerage, we see a vast array of homes and styles from around the world. Each style unique in and of itself and brings a certain “feeling” to the home. It is a wise idea to decide which sort of colour palette you prefer and pull that same vibe throughout the entire home. While you are not restricted to this, do not feel that you cannot play with some colour and bring out...

‘International’ Is Our Middle Name

At Sotheby’s International Realty, we are fond of saying that ‘International’ is truly our middle name! Fundamentally we believe that if we can put your home in front of the largest number of buyers, both internationally and locally, we will ultimately find that buyer who sees the most value in your home. Any Real Estate Brokerage can claim that they are ‘international’, but Sotheby's...

The Next Generation of Luxury Real Estate Buyers

Until recently, luxury real estate buyers have found inspiration in properties with a sense of grandeur. Whether via a stately home in a major city or an idyllic cottage country retreat or a tropical paradise in a far flung corner of the globe, these buyers have opted for spaciousness and homes that mirror their success.   The next generation of luxury real estate buyers is redefining the...

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