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Home Comforts

  • December 27, 2018
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Home Comforts

The sunny skies and warm weather days of this past summer inspired us to embrace the great outdoors! A sharp contrast to the winter months when the days are shorter – and much colder, perfect for retreating inside to the warmth and comfort of our homes.

Living Room Home Comforts

A few simple design ideas can showcase your home in the best possible light during this gray time of year! Good lighting can make a difference to any space. Natural candles such as beeswax or soy can add instant coziness to any space as does a roaring fire, whether you have a gas or wood-burning fireplace. Switch to lightbulbs that match the brilliance of daylight for a positive boost. There are actually specially-designed SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lights that can enliven your space.

A breath of fresh air can keep cabin fever at bay – but swinging open a window can play havoc with your furnace! Avoid chemical-based artificial scents from air fresheners and instead enjoy the natural aromas wafting from a simmering batch of hot apple cider or mulled wine on your stovetop. Store scented candles in your linen closet to infuse bedding and towels with a signature scent such as cinnamon, apple spice or lavender.

Sun Room Home Comforts

Celebrate the outdoors by placing evergreen boughs in a vase or setting a rustic bowl of pinecones on a table. A few dramatic bare branches strung with white or coloured lights can handily replace fresh floral bouquets! Keep the air in your home fresh naturally with potted house plants, especially those with bountiful green leaves. They are known to purify indoor air and remove harmful contaminants. These include Boston Ferns, Bamboo Palm, English Ivy and the Peace Lily.

In-Home Plants

As we enter the season of dripping raincoats and snowy boots, weatherproof your front foyer with a boot tray and an absorbent doormat. Whimsical umbrella stands, woven baskets for the storage of hats and mitts and a small bench could all be useful additions for this time of year!

It is time now to embrace the great indoors! Elevate your comfort quotient this season with the above helpful hints!

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