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Influential Colours

This is a topic that we touch on periodically throughout the year as the colours of your home can influence potential home buyers. Certain tones may be commanding, soothing, energizing, welcoming or therapeutic. Deciding on a colour palette for your principle rooms may feel like a daunting task, but remember, tried and true shades never go out of style!

The most classic colour combination is that of black and white. Checkered floors will always be a kitchen and entry hall favourite. A fresh way to use this pairing is to concentrate on the white in a room and inject black into the elegant, contrasting details.

Shades of taupe and coffee offer a monochrome effect, offering a refined yet relaxed ambiance.

From a cloud-like softness to steely strength, gray has substantial versatility and a calming power. In this summer house, the open concept living space is accented in slate and smoky metals, adding depth to an otherwise creamy palette.

Blue’s tranquil feel has the ability to anchor beloved treasures. Dusty blue curtains and a beautiful coat of blue paint pair perfectly with antique furniture and crafts-style woodworking.

There is a particular richness to yellow tones whether they adorn walls or furniture. This sunny shade complements almost any kind of lighting design.

Designers and paint companies announce their colour trends annually. As long as you choose a classic colour palette that sparks your imagination, your home will always be current, timeless and appealing to home buyers!


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