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Luxury Home Security: How To Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

Luxury homes come with greater security needs as they can be targets for criminals. That is why it’s important to have a comprehensive security strategy to keep your family, home and valuables safe. Let’s dive into some of the best luxury home security systems to keep your property safe and secure.  

Security Fences

The gated entrances that welcome you into estate homes make a grand statement – one of luxury and exclusivity. While adding elegance to the property, security fences provide a great line of first defence by making access to your property more difficult. They deter intruders and allow you to assess visitors, deliveries and prospectors prior to allowing them into your property via intercoms and cameras that can be remotely controlled via your smartphone.   

Exterior and Interior Cameras

Installing cameras in and outside your home is easier now more than ever. From video doorbells to a plethora of wireless camera solutions, home security cameras have become mainstream at all property price points. However, in luxury homes, more robust systems are a wise investment as there are typically multiple entry points and larger properties to survey. Consider integrating technology with extra capabilities such as 4K cameras with digital zoom, colour night vision and fast motion activation to ensure maximum responsiveness and image quality which help law enforcement identify criminals. 

Lighting Your Luxury Property

Experts show that most criminal activity occurs at night. A trespasser will avoid well illuminated properties in search of more vulnerable homes surrounded in darkness. The beauty of luxury properties is enhanced by a layered lighting plan and strategic placement is a great way to deter unwanted prowlers.

A Luxury, well lit wooden home surrounded by green trees

Begin With Good Perimeter Lighting

You should install perimeter lighting around your entire home – don’t forget to illuminate both ground level and upper levels. 

Install Functional Task Lighting

Pathways and at entryways need to be a priority, this will not only avoid tripping hazards and make it easier for you to navigate your property, but also help you see motion outside your home at night. 

Landscape Lighting

Scattered throughout your property, landscape lighting creates layers of lighting to help keep your property secure and eliminate dark corners where intruders could hide. Being strategic with luxury home security can work to your advantage. Set your lighting plan on timers so your home feels inhabited even when you are away. 

Shatterproof Glass and Glass Break Sensors

Windows and glass panels are a vulnerable area of your home and provide an access point for trespassers trying to avoid triggering sensors at the front door or other entrances. Glass break sensors are a common and effective security measure that detect when a window has been shattered and triggers the alarm to sound. 

Smart Home Integration

The array and complexity of technology available in luxury home security systems makes ease of use very important. These robust systems can be accessed through display panels inside the home and via smartphone apps providing remote access. These allow you to remotely monitor your home security system, log in to video feeds from security cameras, activate and deactivate your system, and even lock and unlock doors and gates. In addition, smart home integration can include other home automation such as controlling HVAC systems, interior and exterior lighting, window coverings, audio/visual equipment and irrigation systems, all of which make it easier to keep your house safe. 

A luxury home security panel featuring a door being unlocked.


High end home security systems should be monitored by a professional home security company. When the system detects a break-in, fire, or other emergency, it notifies you, the security team and, if needed, emergency responders. This responsiveness can make a big difference in the outcome of any emergency and means your luxury property is monitored 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  

Vaults and Safe Rooms

In the event that an intruder does enter your home, protecting valuables such as jewellery, money, antiques, and confidential documents is vitally important. These items should not be left in unsecure areas around the home. A burglar-proof and fire-proof vault will ensure your valuables are safe and retrievable in the event of an emergency. Luxury properties, especially those of high-profile homeowners, are increasingly integrating safe rooms into their designs. These are usually reinforced concrete structures that are quickly and securely accessible via fingerprint or facial recognition. Whether disguised as a bookcase, wine cellar or glitzy closet, safe rooms are the last line of defence in luxury home security to keep your loved ones safe from both human and environmental threats. 

Your home is your safe haven and you’ve worked hard for it. Investing in a layered luxury home security system will give you and your family peace of mind in knowing that your property and loved ones are safe and secure. A well-executed high end home security system will also add value to your property should you decide to make a move. Take inspiration from these unique, well-designed homes of distinction in The Alex Irish Significant sales book. 

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury property, contact the Alex Irish team today. We’re the leading luxury real estate team in the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton and Ancaster areas.

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