Preconstruction Oakville Condos

How to Maximize Your Oakville Condo Patio Space

Oakville condo patios—that beautiful little slice of outdoors in the sky, the oasis built into your urban home. An oasis that can quickly become overrun with pots of neglected plants, mismatched garden furniture, and bikes waiting to be stored. When you first move into a Oakville condo, the patio seems filled with limitless possibilities. But if you’re not careful, it’s easy to start using the...

New, Preconstruction Condos Development in Oakville, Bronte

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pre-Construction Condos Oakville

It can be overwhelming when you are considering buying a pre-construction condo. Alex Irish & Associates, we compiled a few tips for purchasing pre-construction condos in Oakville.  A big part of purchasing a condo is a lifestyle choice. Often people who purchase a condo want to change their lifestyle, to travel more, sometimes they want to downsize from their homes to a maintenance-free lifestyle....

Looking For Condo Luxury? Downtown Oakville Has Everything You Need.

Are you thinking of downsizing? Or, maybe you work long hours or like to travel. Owning a home with property can be a hassle in these situations. The responsibility of home ownership might be preventing you from doing the things you want. It could even be adding to your already busy schedule and cutting into your budget. Things like lawn care, snow removal, and ongoing maintenance and repairs can be...

New Homes & Preconstruction Developments in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington

Pre-Construction Developments in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington

Looking for new home developments in the GTA? Specifically, new homes for sale in Oakville, Burlington, or Mississauga? You’re in luck! Several new pre-construction developments are planned within each of these thriving communities. All you need to do is choose the neighborhood, the home that suits you best, and move in. New Developments in Oakville New homes for sale in Oakville abound. Many...

How to Make Your Condo Look Like a Million Dollars!

Even if you don’t live in a luxury condo, there’s no reason why you can’t make your condo look like a million bucks! Anyone can make their condo look more lavish with just a few easy changes. And if you’re thinking of selling your condo, you’ll want it to look as good as possible to attract potential buyers so you can get top dollar. There are a lot of condos for sale in the Mississauga,...

New Condos Development & Sale in Oakville

What Are Condo Fees, and Do I Have to Pay Them?

Whether you’re looking to make the leap to condo living, or you’re simply adding a property to pad your investments, purchasing and owning a condo is a slightly different ball game than owning a house. As most people are aware, condos come attached with monthly fees on top of the mortgage payment. So, the million-dollar question remains: What exactly are condo fees, and do I actually need to pay...

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