Designing the Perfect Home Workspace

Well designed home workspace

The world as we once knew it has completely changed – we have now grown accustomed to the new normal which includes sanitizer, masks, “elbow bumping” instead of handshakes, doing a double-take now when someone coughs. Even though we are now a few years into the pandemic and it has become more comfortable to live with COVID-19, there are some things that still remain… Enter the Work From Home jobs. 

If you are one of the many people that have now brought your office home, you may be facing all new challenges including creating a comfortable work environment, trying to stay connected with your co-workers, and even just creating a space where you ENJOY working.

Below we have outlined some helpful work from home set up ideas on what you can do to help make your home workspace a little more pleasant.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the following tips:

Tip 1:  Colours

Tip 2:  Incorporating Plants/Calming Elements Into Your Home Workspace

Tip 3:  Ergonomics

Tip 4:  Sticking to a Structure & Schedule

Tip 5:  Organization – Creating A Separate Workspace at Home or Packing Up Your Workstation

Choose colours that inspire productivity

It may seem like a non-issue, but as it turns out, as humans we are very susceptible to the way colours make us feel. For example, working in a bright orange room may be a little jarring, whereas working in a space with calming colours such as a pale blue or even a soft white will make your work area feel more welcoming.

If you don’t have the time or are otherwise unable to paint your room, you can also incorporate colours by way of office accessories – think: your favourite colour sticky notes, pens, folders, or your favourite mug. Make your space beautiful so you feel happy to work there.

Plants and calming elements help improve concentration and creativity

Use real plants in and around your workspace. There are a number of plants that have health benefits, such as snake plants which are great for oxygen and cleaning the air. Having plants around actually increases your serotonin levels, which improves focus and calmness.

Another calming element you can incorporate into your workspace are scented candles. If you find yourself feeling stressed at work, light up a nice lavender or eucalyptus scented candle and you will feel instantly better.

Here are some other fun ideas to create that “zen” work environment for increasing your work productivity:

  • Tea
  • Weighted blanket for your lap
  • Essential oils & diffusers
  • White noise machine (of course, for the times when you’re not on zoom!)

Ergonomic office seating


Another important thing to consider for your work from home setup is the ergonomics of your work station. Here are some pointers to help make sure you are working your best, even from at home:

  • Lumbar support for your back & spine
  • Another option to consider is a standing desk
  • Or, if you are sitting – an ergonomic chair for support
  • Raised Footrest
  • Wrist support for mouse pad, or if you are using a mechanical keyboard, using wrist rests is a great way to reduce strain on your wrists

Woman using whiteboard in office

Structure/Timing/Get Ready

The hardest part of working from home for most people is the lack of structure provided by heading into the office each day. Instead of sleeping in through your usual ‘commute time’, get an early start – use this extra time to do something active so you get out of the house and catch some sunshine! Go for a walk during the morning for 30 minutes to get your brain and body active.

Here are some other helpful tips to keep your days structured and manageable: 

  • Get ready, get dressed, do your hair… Whatever you do when you go out, do it at home too so you feel like you are on a good schedule and awake/alive.
  • Set timers to keep off your social media (app blockers), put your cell phone in another room (if you don’t need your phone for work).
  • Keep the same schedule! If you worked 9am-5pm before, or at your old job, keep up that same routine. It is important to get started early but also to know when “work” time begins & ends.
  • Offer to do more! If your manager or boss asks if anyone has time for additional projects, or asking for help with a task, offer yourself up! It is good to stay busy, especially while at home so you stay focused and in tune with the people you work with.
  • Any team activities, such as zoom calls, fun get togethers – take advantage of every opportunity to connect with your co-workers!

Organized shelving unit

Organization – separate space or pack it up!

Have a dedicated workspace in your residence to set up – bring out your laptop and whatever else you need. If you have an at home office or a spare bedroom you could use, this would be the ideal set up. Try to work in a room with a window and natural lighting.

If you are living in a smaller home or condo, it can be difficult to create this designated workspace. If this is the case, create boxes with your files, documents, notes, office tools so that you can pack it up for the day and put it under your desk or table. Make sure they are attractive boxes with lids, so when you look at them from the couch, you aren’t being put off by bulky, unsightly boxes or notes from the day’s work!


It can be tough to adjust to working from home, especially if you’re used to getting up and going to work every day. Creating a space where you’re happy to work can make things easier. Don’t forget to get outside and get some sun, and maintain your social connections – inside and outside of work.

Looking for more home workspace design ideas for your luxury home office? Check out our previous article.

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