Designing The Perfect “She Shed”

In recent years, having a section of your home dedicated to relax, unwinding or exclusively for working has gone far beyond a clawfoot bathtub or typical home office. The trend of she sheds has become incredibly popular, allowing anybody (not exclusive to “she’s”) to customize their very own space – typically in the form of a backyard shed.

It’s actually quite convenient when you think about, no messy home renovations or thousands of dollars needed!

While it might sound like a daunting task to some, designing your own she shed isn’t actually a major construction project. Here are some simple steps to get your she shed up and running.

1. Clean It Out

Step 1 is: clean out your shed!

Now is the time to go through your shed and give it a good spring cleaning. In the words of Marie Kondo – get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy (or hasn’t been touched in the last year). Start with bigger items like patio furniture, bicycles or tools and make your way to smaller items.

Clearing space will help you picture your soon to be oasis. Once everything is out of the way, scrub or dust your shed from for any dirt or unwanted pests.


2. Fix It Up

Now that the shed is empty, the next step is to fix it up – if necessary. Ensure the walls and ceilings are in good condition, double check windows and doors open and close properly and make sure they are improperly installed nails or other construction materials.

Considering we get lots of snow and rain in Ontario, it may be worth it to winterize your shed’s roof, add insulation to walls or use door stoppers to keep out pesky drafts. A battery-operated space heater may also work.

3. Design time

With the heavy lifting out of the way, the fun kicks. A coat of paint, some shelving and furniture will fully transform your backyard shed into your-well deserved she shed. Now is the time to think about what you’ll use your shed for. Purely for relaxation? Find a comfy sofa, matching pillows and lots of reading material. If you’re looking for a new home office, make sure your WIFI signal is strong enough to host ZOOM meetings or send emails.

No matter what you use the shed for, a few sets of wall shelves, art pieces or wall clock, a cozy blanket and a music speaker are must haves! The most important thing here is that your shed reflects you and your interests and is a stress-free environment.

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