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A fully renovated porch of a luxury home

Renovations to increase value and return on your investment

Whether you’re considering minor renovations to update a room, or a full-scale renovation of your entire home, it’s important to be aware of how renovations might affect your property value, especially if you’re thinking of selling. Since most renovations resolve an issue or improve quality of life, many people automatically assume that they also increase a property’s sale price. That’s often...

Waterfront Homes, Properties in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington

5 Things to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Waterfront Home

Whether appreciating the view from indoors or enjoying the breeze along the shore, owners of waterfront homes benefit from a different perspective and pace. Little in life can match the tranquility and inspiration of life along the water—but when it comes to making the move to a waterfront property permanent, there is a unique set of considerations to keep in mind. Whether a coastal home is your...

1080 Crestview Street, Oakville, ON at Alex Irish & Associates

Tips on How to “Winterize” Your Home

If you live in an area that is similar to our hometown, Oakville, Ontario, you know that by this time of year, the temperature has started to drop. While it can be quite beautiful to see the trees adorned with snow, it is absolutely crucial that you get your house ready for winter if you have not done so already. We love to keep cozy inside during these winter months, but there are a number of things...

140 Chartwell Road, Oakville

Oakville Luxury Homes

Picturesque, charming and truly wonderful, Oakville is a fantastic town steeped in rich culture, natural beauty and architecture, with stunning views out across Lake Ontario. Often finding itself ranked among the best places to live in Canada for happiness, high average wage low crime rate and a whole host of other categories, Oakville is a historic settlement known for its strong community, fantastic...

Thinking Of Downsizing?  Oakville Has The Perfect Home & Neighbourhood For You

Oakville is a great choice for families or couples looking to downsize. It generally has a quieter pace of life than larger cities like Hamilton or Toronto, and there are plenty of unique housing options that any Oakville real estate agent will be excited to show you. There are lots of options for luxury condos, and there are many neighbourhoods within Oakville that feature smaller homes equipped with...

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