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32 Lambert Common, Oakville at Alex Irish & Associates

Lake Shore Homes

A luxury home is not just in its fine furnishings or amenities. Though these do play a big part, what really makes a property special is not just its design or its interior decoration, but the landscape around it as well. Perfectly maintained gardens can be one such example, but one that is unsurpassed, an instant draw, is the stunning beauty of the natural world. Lake Ontario is a perfect example of this....

What’s Happening in Downtown Oakville? Progress on The Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project

Picture this: A prominent downtown suburb with cutting-edge urban planning, sustainable revitalization, a vibrant community, and dense green landscaping. This dream is about to turn into a reality for Oakville, a prominent and fast-growing destination in Southern Ontario. In a quest to inject some new life, while retaining the rich cosmopolitan culture of downtown Oakville, the town has announced a...

Massive Port Credit Waterfront Community Re-Development Planned In Mississauga

If you’ve been perusing Mississauga real estate listings, but have remained disappointed by the options open to you, you’ll want to see this new development. This 72-acre plot of land is actually located in Port Credit, minutes from the Port Credit GO Station. This massive waterfront community, being referred to as West Village, will feature 2,500 new housing units—split between townhomes and mid-...

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