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A woman cleaning a bright, modern lounge

How To Declutter Your Home This Spring

Spring is in the air! The energy that comes with longer days and warmer temperatures makes Spring the ideal time to deep clean and freshen up our homes! Spring cleaning is easier if you begin with a good decluttering first. Getting rid of excess means there is less to clean and dust and creates breathing room to reimagine your spaces. Consider starting with these impactful areas when decluttering home this...

A fully renovated porch of a luxury home

Renovations to increase value and return on your investment

Whether you’re considering minor renovations to update a room, or a full-scale renovation of your entire home, it’s important to be aware of how renovations might affect your property value, especially if you’re thinking of selling. Since most renovations resolve an issue or improve quality of life, many people automatically assume that they also increase a property’s sale price. That’s often...

Panoramic view of a neighbourhood in Hamilton, Ontario

The Best Neighbourhoods In Hamilton

With the average home price in Hamilton being up approximately 25% year-over-year and the new average sale price for a home being just over $1,000,000, it is easy to see why people are looking to Hamilton to invest. Once home to the steel factories and other industrial sectors, Hamilton has in recent years become the “go to” place for young professionals, young families, first time home buyers,...

Luxury bedroom painted with earthy tones

2022 Interior Colour Trends

Depending on what magazine or paint company you look at, everyone has their own 2022 colour trends of the year.  Interior colour trends for the year  give you the basis to start your interior decorating project. The colour doesn’t have to be splashed all through the house.  It can be a small pop of colour on either one wall, in one room, or used to cover a piece of furniture or accent...

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