What Exterior Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

The outside of a house is the first thing anybody sees when looking to purchase and it’s appearance its often used a stepping stone to judge the interior of a home. For perspective
buyers, curb appeal is everything.

Whether you are looking for a quick, DIY project to boost your home’s appearance or to purchase long-term investments that homebuyers are keen on seeing, we have everything covered for you.

Here are three exterior projects you can do today to increase the value of your home!

1. Lawn Maintenance

Improving the look of your lawn and other green spaces around your home is especially important in the Ontario real estate market, given that we only get six months of warm weather. Even a small green upgrade can do wonder’s for your homes appearance and increase overall value.

New sodding, shrubbery and plants are a great way to quickly improve the appearance of your lawn and don’t cost too much out of your wallet, it’s even possible to do it yourself. Start out small by planting some perennials (long-lasting and low maintenance) along the front and back of your property. Opt for a variety of colours and sizes, and don’t forget to add some fertilizer to your soil beforehand. We recommend a mix of of hostas, peonies or hydrangeas and pollinator-friendly plants (coneflowers, sunflowers, bee balm and golden rod) for a colourful display.

To get a golf-course green law, experts suggest cutting your grass to a high height (6-8 cms), mowing in alternate patterns, a consistent schedule of watering and feeding your lawn with compost to promote a lush grow. Aerating in the fall doesn’t hurt either and can do wonders once spring comes around.

For monetary value purposes, you might want to consider installing a sprinkler system or hiring a professional landscaping company to get a unique design for your home.

2. Go Green

Greener technologies are always being invent and tweaked all year round and that also goes for housing purposes. Ensuring your home is energy efficient (and can help with cooling/warming costs) is much more of interest to homebuyers now-a-days. Upgrading your home’s air-conditioning system to the newest green model is also a good way to ensure a value increase.

Tankless-water heaters, rainwater harvesting systems and even solar panels can increase your home’s value substantially. While they might seem like a hefty investment, every single dollar will help to increase overall value.

Upgrading your roofing system is also a good idea; green options can also help reduce storm water runoff, reduce the heat of the surface and often last decades longer than their non-green competitors.

3. Small upgrades

There are tons of quick and easy upgrades that can quickly up the value of your home, which can be completed rather fast. Consider switching out your front door to a steel version – an extremely strong and regal looking option, or a fibre glass version, which are long-lasting and also energy-efficient. This can also be applied to backdoors as well.

The same goes for your garage-door, which can boost the appearance of your home and run smoother for everyday use. Popular options include Victorian-inspired, craftsman or stained wood doors.

A security-system with multiple cameras not only make potential homebuyers safe and secure, it’s a quick way to boost value as well. In the same manner, outdoor lighting alongside your property is also another project to consider for bother safety and value. Don’t forget the back of your home either! While these kinds of projects will cost more and take a bit longer to complete, a pool/hot tub, outdoor fire pit, al fresco kitchens and patios and new stoning will definitely give your home a much-needed refresh.


Whatever what you decide, any upgrade to your home – no matter the size – can help to make sure you are getting top dollar for your property. Contact Alex Irish & Associates for more information and list your home when you’re ready.

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