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The County of Brant is a thriving community that blends both urban and rural elements. Encompassing a vast landscape that stretches over 70 kilometers, it includes a mix of charming towns, quaint villages, and lush farmlands. Rich in culture and history, Brant County offers a unique blend of leisure activities, festivals, and natural beauty.

Community Features

Parks and Recreation

The Grand River:
The Grand River is one of Brant County’s most picturesque attractions, meandering through a scenic landscape rich in natural beauty and cultural history. As a Canadian Heritage River, it offers numerous recreational activities, from canoeing and kayaking adventures to fishing, swimming, and tubing. Grand River Conservation Areas offer a host of destinations along the river banks that include campgrounds, hiking trails, picnic spots, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, and heritage sites to enjoy.

Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre:
Centrally located in Brantford, the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre is a regional hub for many minor sports and athletic camps. This expansive centre offers an impressive lineup of amenities, including a fitness centre, four NHL-sized arenas, a pool complex, a number of sports fields, and a range of programs to cater to all ages and skill levels.

Neighbourhood Favourites

The Arlington Hotel:
The Arlington Hotel in Paris boasts a dining and boutique hotel experience that celebrates the marriage of tradition and creativity. Its restaurant offers a curated menu that blends familiar comfort foods with innovative culinary techniques, all sourced from local ingredients. Patrons are treated to an atmosphere that melds the hotel’s rich heritage with contemporary design, ensuring a unique gastronomic journey in the heart of beautiful downtown Paris.

The Bell Homestead:
The Bell Homestead honours the legacy of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. This historic site, encompassing Bell’s family home, offers visitors a journey back in time, showcasing rooms furnished in 1870s d├ęcor and featuring a visitor centre with a wealth of exhibits. Guests can immerse themselves in the story of Bell’s groundbreaking invention and gain insights into the life and times of this iconic figure.

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