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Real Estate Investing: How A Realtor Can Help

We live in a world of industry “disruptors”, and people often find themselves doing the legwork for someone they might have once hired. Between all the available apps and websites like Zillow, real estate can be one of the industries that seems like a good one to tackle on your own. However, there are countless perks to working with a realtor. In fact, working with a great real estate agent can mean the difference between a giant headache and the best investment you’ve ever made. Here are five reasons why.

A Real Estate Agent Is A Great Buffer Between You And Potential Time-Wasters

The real estate market isn’t just about buyers, sellers, and realtors, it’s an entire community of people from lawyers to developers. If you’re new to real estate, or you like to keep things streamlined and simple, a real estate agent can be your best asset. For instance, your agent can act as an intermediary, filtering calls from potential buyers who are actually interested from those just doing research. If you are looking at Oakville real estate in a new housing development, a realtor can keep building agent’s at bay, giving you the space you need to research and make your investment.

Home Pricing For The Buyer And The Seller

If you’re new to real estate, you might think that a realtor decides the price of a home for sale, but that isn’t accurate. The price of your home is determined by a few factors, including a combination of local neighbourhood rates and your own sell-price goals. Enlisting the help of a real estate agent can be extremely helpful, especially if you are looking to invest in the Burlington real estate market. Due to its long-term value and the burgeoning communities woven together, navigating the right market price can be challenging. If you are a buyer, it can also be useful to have an experienced guide to help you work through these same challenges and to negotiate the best deal.

Tap Into A Vast Network Of Top Professionals

Buying and selling a home isn’t just about these two actions, it also involves inspections, meeting contract requests, and communicating between all interested parties. Having access to the experts in all these areas will help ensure you don’t run into legal issues and it will keep the process efficient and fun, as it should be!

 Access To The MLS And Maximum Exposure

What’s the most important thing when buying a home? Great choices! And what is the most important thing to selling a home? High visibility!

There is a strategy to investing in real estate, but one tried and true method to keep in mind is simply probability. If you’re looking to invest in a large, urban or highly-populated area, having a realtor can give you access to the MLS, the largest database of property listings, and any (and every) avenue for real estate advertising. Take the Mississauga real estate market for example, this region is one of the fastest-growing in all of Canada—a prime location to make a great property investment. Tackling an area as overwhelming as this requires expertise and eyeballs everywhere.

Negotiating And Handling Tremendous Amounts Of Paperwork

Once you’ve set your eyes on a property or your home is ready to sell, then comes the tricky part: the negotiation. If you have the proper team to help you out, this step should be no problem. Keep in mind, a large part of the negotiation, as well as the hunting or selling part of a property, means vast amounts of paperwork. If you’re thinking this will be time-consuming, it will, which is why it’s best to leave it with the experts.

If you’re thinking of shopping around the GTA for a real estate investment, hire a local expert like Alex Irish—experienced realtors that know the Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga market inside and out. Now that you have the confidence to take the next step in investing, it’s time to start shopping!


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