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The Effectiveness of Real Estate Signs

Historically, before the internet, Real Estate signs served a dual purpose. In addition to advertising that a property was for sale or lease, they also provided the listing agent’s contact information to prospective buyers, primarily as they drove or walked by the property.

Today, the majority of home buyers gravitate towards online real estate searches. The speed and efficiency of a Google search has transformed the way buyers jump start the process of locating their desired home and neighbourhood.

Real Estate signs are a purely physical indication that your home is for sale, attracting the attention of passersby. They are part of the luxury real estate marketing services we provide, and the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising per impression, adding value 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Potential buyers may broaden their neighbourhood search boundaries based upon signage. And yes, the listing agent’s contact information including phone numbers and website address is still prominently displayed.

Supposed negative effects of placing a For Sale sign on your front lawn typically center around the owner’s privacy and safety concerns. Realtors do advise their home sellers never to let anyone enter their home without being accompanied by a licensed real estate agent.

Even though planting a For Sale sign in your front yard may seem somewhat archaic in this digital age, it is important to recognize the effect that an actual sign may have. They are emblems of the housing market that people know, recognize and seek out. A recent report indicated that a significant number of buyers confirmed that yard signs were instrumental in finding their new home.

Our Alex Irish & Associates really do add to a home’s curb appeal!

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