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Why Customer Service Defines The Best Realtors

Buying a home in the Oakville area from a real estate agent is a little more involved than buying any other kind of big purchase like a car, for example. You must be very comfortable with your realtor because you could be required to sign a standard six-month agreement, and that means you could potentially be working with them for that amount of time, and in many cases, longer.

So, before you go out shopping for homes in the Oakville area, you might want to spend some time shopping for realtors. We have done the work for you by listing some good indicators that your real estate agent values customer service.

They Reply Promptly

Putting an offer on a home in and around Mississauga can be stressful, and it requires a lot of communication back and forth. If your Mississauga real estate agent ignores you for days on end, doesn’t get back to you with paperwork, or just doesn’t communicate well with the other party, then you could lose out on the home of your dreams!

Of course, you will not be your real estate agent’s only client, but you want to feel valued all the same. Most clients feel undervalued if their realtor doesn’t get back to them within 12 to 24 hours. So, whether it be a text, email, or phone call, you should expect to hear from a good real estate agent within that same day, if not much sooner.

They Make The Process Enjoyable

Buying a home takes a lot of time, and much of it is spent with your realtor. It’s important to make sure that your agent is personable and that they make the time enjoyable. A strong sign that your potential realtor is the right choice is by reading what other previous clients have had to say. Check out online reviews to see how satisfied others have been with their service and dedication; the comments will also attest to a realtor’s social skills. Nearly three-quarters of all people will share their good experiences with others, so any good real estate agent will have good reviews.

They Answer Ongoing Questions

Even after your contract is over with your Oakville area realtor, you still may want to stay in contact. For example, if you are making a big improvement to your home, you might want to ask your realtor’s advice about if the resale value would be worth it for your area. Or, you might want to get into contact with the previous owner if there were some major problems with the home that weren’t fixed before the sale.

They Are Trustworthy

It requires a lot of trust for a buyer or seller to put the purchasing process of their home in the hands of a real estate agent. A good realtor in Oakville knows that they need to gain and keep the trust of their clients if they want their business to thrive. It may be difficult to know if you can trust a real estate agent fully off the bat. However, the reviews of past clients and your own initial customer service experience with the agent are good indicators of how things will go in the future.

For unbeatable service and the opportunity to work with a passionate and professional realtor, contact the team at Alex Irish and get started on your real estate journey today!


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