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7 Tips When Moving into a Condo

Congratulations! You’ve decided on a condo, signed on the dotted line, and picked a move-in date. Now what? If you’re new to the condominium life, you might not realize that there are some key differences between living in a condo versus a house. In fact, not only is it different to live there, but it’s also different to move there. To prepare for the smoothest move possible, we’ve developed a checklist of things to ease first-time condo-owners’ concerns.

1. Take Inventory of Your Things and Give Away the Excess

If you were looking at houses for sale, you likely weren’t worried about having excess furniture. But if you’ve opted for a beautiful condo, it’s time to do some heavy-duty spring cleaning and take inventory of all the things you need—and all the things you don’t. A good place to start is with big furniture, then work your way down to knick knacks, art, and light fixtures. While Oakville condos are often spacious in design, it’s important to note that you can’t bring everything with you.

2. Make A Floor Plan

The main difference between opting for a condo over a house is undoubtedly the size of the space. While some luxury condos can offer an equivalent floor space to a home, the remaining condos for sale will require expert planning to maximize the more compact space. This gives you an incredible opportunity to not only plan and optimize your space but to really flex your muscles with interior design. With a condensed space, you can actually increase the immediate wow factor for your guests by carefully designing your plan in advance. 

3. Start A Moving Budget

So, you know when you’re moving, and you know what you’re moving, now you need a plan and a company to help you get it there. First, figure out if you want to hire packers as well as movers, and then start searching for moving quotes. Also, be sure to check the reviews of your moving company. This will help you save money as well as any unforeseen hassles.

Another key point is to keep a paper trail of all of your transactions, especially receipts, because you can actually reclaim some of your budget come tax time.

4. Read Through Your Condo Association’s Documentation

If you weren’t already aware, one key difference between condos and houses is the association that runs them. A condo association is comprised of all of the building’s tenants—including you—who vote on various issues and services related to the building. It’s important to read over all of the documentation from the association and your building to know exactly what you are responsible for and what the building is expected to cover.

If you were considering an Oakville condo for your next move, it’s common for the building to cover things like snow and trash removal. You will likely find similar rules in nearby Mississauga, but because it’s under separate jurisdiction, it could be subject to different laws and responsibilities, making it pertinent to always double check.

5. Door-to-Door Planning for a Smooth Transition

For the smoothest transition from your current home to your future home, consider the following:

  • Make all your travel arrangements far in advance, whether that includes booking a flight or a moving truck or asking family for help.
  • Show your moving company your floor plan. This way the movers can set it up almost exactly how you want, saving you time and energy down the line.
  • Register with the office or concierge so that everyone knows who you are come moving day. This way you can also inquire about damage fees and book your elevator!
  • Don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your elevator and find out just how long you have it for.
  • Set up your buzzer! This way you can buzz in your movers if they get locked out, and you can book your internet, cable, and any other installations ASAP.

6. Find and Plan the Best Route

Know the route to your new home. For instance, if you’re moving to a neighbourhood in one of Oakville’s waterfront condos, you might have more downtown traffic to contend with or overly narrow streets to park the moving vans on.

7. Expertise on Oakville Homes for Sale

Not only is the Oakville-Mississauga region a beautiful place to live, it offers some of the best condos for sale on the market. Whether You Are Considering Selling Or Leasing A Home Or Condo, Alex Irish & Associates Offer An Unparalleled Level of Service, Discretion And Marketing Regardless Of Price Point Or Locale.

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