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Best Home Safety and Security Tips for Protecting Your Property and Belongings

Although it significantly affected jobs and wages, coronavirus also made more people think about buying a home, ultimately leading them to consider the undeniable importance of keeping a property safe and secure at all times.If you want to protect your family and increase the security of your home as well, here are some of the best safety and security tips that will allow you to efficiently protect your property and its belongings:

Invest in a home security system

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’re upgrading an old one, every house should have a set  security system in place, whether it’s a DIY option or a professional system that also includes home automation. Nowadays, there are even a large number of smart security systems that will allow you to control your settings, set alarms and monitor activity from your phone. No matter which system you opt for, make sure it at least has a solid burglar alarm and an option to contact the police, while being the most suitable option for the needs of your property and your neighborhood.

Invest in a home security system

Invest in a home security system

Consider installing security cameras

Even though they might noticeably affect your home expenses, security cameras are another incredibly important aspect of home safety you should consider investing in. Apart from deterring criminals with their mere presence, they are also quite handy when it comes to gathering and presenting evidence in case a crime ever happens. It would be recommended to opt for security cameras that include night vision, motion detectors, as well as Wi-Fi capability that will allow you to store any footage on your phone if you ever need to take it to the police.

Get a good home insurance policy

Better insurance rates

Lower insurance rates with home security upgrades

Regardless of your efforts to protect your home from burglars, sometimes you simply cannot prevent crime in advance. When it comes to those rare occurrences, it would be best to have a great insurance policy set in place that will ensure you aren’t at a loss. It’s recommended to opt for comprehensive home insurance that’s perfectly suited to your needs, which will guarantee that your property is safe and protected, along with any valuable belongings you might possess.

Secure your doors and windows

While it might seem trivial at first, securing your doors and windows is incredibly important, as those spots are exactly what most intruders use to enter your home. Apart from making it a habit to lock up all doors and windows in your home each night, you could also install chain locks or deadbolts for added security. Similarly, make sure that the frames of your doors and windows are solid and strong, and think about getting the ideal window coverings that won’t only act as an additional obstacle, but also as a stylish décor item.

Opt for motion detector lighting

It’s quite difficult for anyone to commit a crime when they’re in the spotlight. If you want to keep burglars and vandals away from your home, consider installing plenty of outdoor lighting with motion detectors. You can place the lights near the gates, around your front and back gardens, next to pathways, above the garage door, or around any other structures that might be outdoors. Not only will ample outdoor lighting scare away intruders and increase visibility during the night, but it might also add to your home’s curb appeal.

Buy a safe for your valuables

If you have a considerable amount of valuable items in your home that need to be protected, consider getting a good safe that will allow you to store your possessions securely. Whether it’s essential documents, expensive jewelry, or simply sentimental family heirlooms, a safe neatly tucked away in your home will ensure all of your valuables are safe and sound. Just make sure to choose one that’s waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy enough that a burglar can’t simply take it away.

Adopt a dog to be your protector

Apart from being wonderful companions that make your home feel cozy and safe, dogs are also great at deterring any potential threats with their protective nature. Dogs that are larger in stature and that bark more loudly and aggressively make for particularly efficient guards, especially breeds such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers. Whether your pet would live in the yard or move between the home and the garden, it would undoubtedly make your house less appealing for burglaries and vandalism. What’s more, even the “Beware of the dog” sign on your gate might be enough to make potential thieves think twice before entering your home.

Wrapping up

Evidently, securing your property doesn’t have to be a particularly difficult or expensive task. You can use the tips mentioned above to either secure your home fully at once, or to assess the most important aspects of home safety for you, and then take care of the rest later.


About the author:  Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer with a focus in real estate, small business, finance, and management..

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