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Choosing the Ideal Winter Window Coverings—Top Tips from the Designers

As a homeowner, there’s no doubt that you take a great amount of pride in how your home looks on the inside and outside. And it’s more than just looks; homeowners are often on a quest to ensure all the design choices they make enhance the comfort level of their home. I mean, what’s a home if it’s not cozy and welcoming?

With that said, there are all kinds of little touches that you can add to your house that will help to make it more energy efficient, homey, functional, and modern. One item that can check off all those items is window coverings. Window coverings can play a huge role in the look and feel of a home, as well as all the other items listed.

Now, did you know that the ideal window coverings in the warm months of spring and summer may not be your best options for the winter months? As winter weather continues throughout Canada and the temperatures plummet, you may find yourself questioning your window covering choices.

When it comes to blinds, drapery, and custom drapery, there are winter options to consider.

Look for Window Coverings that Offer Insulation

One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have in the winter months is the draft that can be felt throughout the home. Even if you don’t actually have a draft, it can still feel chilly and even damp indoors. Window coverings that can block a draft will improve your home’s efficiency and will help keep the warm air in and the cool air out.

To block drafts, look for something with an insulated backing. You will often see this kind of backing on blackout curtains. What’s great about this style of window covering is that it works in the summer by keeping the heat out, and it also allows your air conditioner to better cool the interior of your home.

The Perfect Fit is a Must

No matter what kind of window coverings you choose—whether it is blinds, sheers, or panel curtains—it’s critical that they fit perfectly. If they don’t have the correct fit, they won’t be able to perform properly. Not only that, but they won’t look “right” in the room.

For those with windows that aren’t the standard size, the best option is to go for custom drapery and blinds. These are measured to fit your windows, specifically creating that impeccably designed look. Most places will offer a variety of styles to choose from, also ranging in fabric/material, and colour.

Home Window Coverings

Home Window Coverings

Choose a Trusted Designer

Now, if you don’t want to be stuck updating your window coverings each winter, then you’ll want to look for a trusted and well-known designer. High-quality equals durability and lasting power, so you’ll be able to get a good number of years out of them.

Take Hunter Douglas blinds for example. Hunter Douglas is well known for offering blinds that excel in terms of energy efficiency. These blinds can even help to protect your furniture and carpeting from fading caused by the sunlight.

What About Convenience?

Of course, besides being energy efficient and looking clean, modern, and sophisticated, you also want window coverings that are user friendly and that you don’t have to fuss with. You can’t get more convenient than motorized blinds that are hardwired and battery operated. This works especially well for windows that are out of reach. Many window covering retailers now offer motorized models that can be controlled via an app on your smart device.

Home Drapery

Home Drapery

It’s About More than Just Style

As you can clearly see, choosing the ideal winter window coverings involves much more than just what looks good and matches with your décor. By keeping each of these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find options that meet a number of your needs.

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