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Downsizing for an Upscale Life!

If you think condo living offers a certain kind of allure, you’d be right. With current market trends showing a consistent demand for condos, developers are responding not only in supply, but in key differentiators. Architectural design, entertainment rooms, community activities, and more are enticing homeowners to downsize their space while maintaining an upscale life. If you want the convenience of city living or prefer Oakville condos on the waterfront, there are a variety of options to meet your every wish.

All the convenience, none of the trouble

Generally, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Condo living is the exception to that rule. For starters, condo developments, tend to be located in areas accessible to the core of a city or to well-built communities offering grocery stores, restaurants, public transport, and entertainment. What makes the proximity even sweeter for buyers looking at Mississauga condos or city locations is that, unlike the chores that come with a house—like lawn care and snow removal, all these things are taken care of by condo staff.

Contemporary design for the architecture buff

With competition for high-end buyers reaching fever pitch, real estate development firms are providing added allure to their condo designs by using upscale themes for the interior and exterior of the building. Think vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, marble countertops, and spa-size bathtubs, all elements that transport the homeowner to a tranquil-like space that also serves as a beautiful place to host great dinners. Add to that a smaller floor plan, that doesn’t sacrifice space, and you’ve got all you could need by downsizing.

Features that meet higher environmental standards

Condos for sale today aren’t being developed without careful consideration of how to best meet environmental standards. The savvy condo shopper knows that the best new buildings offer things like LED light bulbs, appliances that are energy-efficient, and modern water fixtures that conserve water. Not only are these things better for the environment, but they also lead to a reduced utility bill at the end of the month, leaving more money to be better spent elsewhere.

An expanding roster of luxury amenities

Condo living boasts another added bonus not offered by house-living: luxury amenities. Many of the newer builds offer high-end gym facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, and community spaces, and they are now beginning to include things like movie theatres and entertainment rooms. Whether you are starting a family or retiring, chances are you will be looking for a sense of community, spaces to entertain, and perhaps an at-home gym!

 Privacy and 24-hour security

If you’re a world traveller, but desire your creature comforts, then having a home that you love is something worth protecting—especially if you’re globetrotting six months of the year. The benefit of condo living is that you have privacy and constant front-door security. The staff will always know who comes in and out of the building, and when you’re away, you have someone to check in on your space (and your mail!) to make sure it’s safe and in good shape.

Now that you know what the condo market has to offer, you can start building a list of what you’d like to have for your new space. If you want to downsize while maintaining your luxury lifestyle, Alex Irish & Associates can help. They offer a highly personalized approach to the real estate process and have expert knowledge spanning the Mississauga, Oakville, and Burlington areas. They are ready to help you find your dream condo!

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