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Downtown Oakville Roads Project

Downtown Oakville Roads Project

 If you have been a longtime resident of Oakville and were driving downtown on January 05th, you would have noticed cars driving northwards on Navy Street, through Lakeshore Road!  Given that this previously had been a southbound only street for decades, you can imagine the confusion of some drivers!

This is a permanent conversion and has come about as part of the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape project.  The road has been repainted and new signs are in place.

Later this month, the Lakeshore Road Bridge that leads into and out of downtown Oakville will be closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic for at least 8 months.  The new bridge, once completed, will include both car and bike lanes.  The sidewalk will be wider with new railings and scenic lookouts plus LED lighting will be incorporated into the design.

Oakville continues to aim to be the most livable town in Canada!

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