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Happy Canada Day!

This July 01st is Canada’s 151st birthday!  A time for all of us to reflect on how fortunate we are to be able to live and work in a country that is so positively recognized globally. Stereotypically we are thought to be incessantly polite, always minding our manners. Saying “sorry” is also second nature to us!

We have lots to be proud of too. Did you know that Canadians invented the telephone, the short wave radio, insulin, zippers, ski doos and jet skis? It was a Canadian who invented the iconic character, Superman. The game of basketball, as it is known today, was created by a Canadian doctor in 1891. The contemporary sport of ice hockey was developed in Canada and the first indoor game was played in 1875. The first official Canadian baseball game was played in Ingersoll, Ontario in June, 1838.

Scorching temperatures are forecast for Ontario this Canada Day long weekend. It is therefore fortuitous that Canada is home to more fresh water lakes than any other country in the world – ideal to cool off in! The beauty of Canada is exemplified through its National Parks and countless scenic outdoor sights. The Trans Canada Trail is one of the longest of its kind, currently comprised of 17,000 kilometers of trails. When completed, it will stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Arctic oceans.

Canada is home to the oldest walled city in North America. Quebec’s Old Town is surrounded by fortified walls, 4.6 kilometers in length, making this a national historic site and a UNESCO World Heritage City. Another famous sight, Niagara Falls, has both an American and a Canadian side, the latter referred to as Horseshoe Falls. It is higher than the American falls by 410 meters making the view from our side quite spectacular.

When it comes to food and drink Canadians relish quite a few items that they can rarely find stateside such as Smarties, Crispy Crunch and Coffee Crisp. Caesars, perhaps one of Canada’s favourite cocktails, requires Clamato juice which is near impossible to find outside our borders. We love to indulge in decadent poutine, sweet maple syrup, Timbits, Lay’s ketchup potato chips, Canadian bacon, Nanaimo Bars, butter tarts and Beavertails, all uniquely Canadian.

Thanks to our Canadian flag, the Maple Leaf is synonymous with our country and worn proudly when we venture outside our borders.

Canada enjoys the diversity of its four seasons and the Canada Day weekend is the true official start to our summer. Enjoy yours!







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