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How to Make Your Condo Look Like a Million Dollars!

Even if you don’t live in a luxury condo, there’s no reason why you can’t make your condo look like a million bucks! Anyone can make their condo look more lavish with just a few easy changes. And if you’re thinking of selling your condo, you’ll want it to look as good as possible to attract potential buyers so you can get top dollar. There are a lot of condos for sale in the Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton areas, so you need to make sure yours stands out above the rest.

Think Simple

Too much clutter in a space makes it look a lot smaller. When you walk into a room that has simple furniture and only a few pieces of art and/or accessories, the room looks a lot more open.

If you’re furnishing your home for the first time, only buy what you truly need, don’t try to furnish every inch. You’ll be able to spend a bit more on some luxurious pieces because you’ll be buying fewer things.

If you already live in a home full of stuff, it’s time to start editing. Paring down your knickknacks and finally saying goodbye to your ratty chair and extra table will make your room instantly look better.

DIY Home Staging Bathroom

New colour and hardware can make your bathroom feel more luxurious

Choose A Colour Pattern

When everything is cohesive in a room, it automatically looks more stylish. Pick two or three cohesive colours to work with (usually based around a rug, a piece of artwork, or a large piece of furniture) and create your room’s look around that. Keep this look going throughout your home to make the whole space flow.

Change Up Your Hardware

Basic handles and door pulls can either look cheap or boring. Neither of which is going to help your home look its best. Simply changing the door pulls on your closets, as well as the cabinets and drawers in your bathroom and kitchen, can make a world of difference. It’s a truly inexpensive way to make your home look a lot more luxurious!

Compliment It With The Right Paint

Your walls could likely use a new coat of paint. Chances are your kitchen cabinets do too. Not much makes a room look more uninviting than a dull paint or, even worse, scuffs or chips. Take this opportunity to choose a paint colour that will complement the colour scheme you’ve chosen.

Home Staging Lighting

Home Staging Lighting

Get Good Lighting

Lighting can make or break a home’s overall look. You’re not going to make a room look high-end with one single bulb hanging from the ceiling. Table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces not only look fresher in the room, but they provide better lighting for the space.


Let That Light Shine

Having great lamps is a good first step—but lighting up your room shouldn’t stop there! Keep your windows uncovered during the day to let in the natural light and add reflective surfaces into your room.

Large mirrors placed strategically will help to reflect light as well as make the room look bigger. And having glass-topped tables can help the room look a little lighter than heavier, solid tables.


Have One Grand Piece

It doesn’t matter if it’s a designer piece of art, a stunning sofa, or a luxurious chandelier, having one great piece in a room (with no clutter!) gives a room its identity and automatically makes it look more lavish. Choose one key item in every room to bring in that elevated look.

Update Window Coverings

You can have great furniture, new paint, and a stunning piece of art in your room—but if your drapes are sloppy or you have broken blinds, your room will instantly look inadequate.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on window coverings either! Ensuring they’re hanging correctly is the most important part. Add panels to make your curtains look fuller and place your curtain rods as high up as possible. This not only helps your drapes hang properly, but it typically makes the window look larger—which can give your room a bit more class.

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As you can see, a few simple changes can make your home look more luxurious—and increase the chances of selling your home for top dollar and in record time. To obtain an estimate on what your home is worth, or for information about new homes, townhomes, or condos for sale in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, or Hamilton, contact the REALTORS® at Alex Irish & Associates.

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