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How to Pick the Right Home Inspector

Finding the right home after searching through tons of houses for sale is a relief. Once you’ve found the perfect one, you can then place an offer to purchase. When doing so, be sure your purchase is conditional upon a home inspection. Having a home inspector is critical to your purchasing team so that you know the home you are buying is a good investment.

What is the Role of a Home Inspector?

The main role of a home inspector is to conduct inspections on homes for sale to ensure that there are no hazards or structural defects. Additionally, the inspector will also assess if the property complies with local laws and building codes. The home inspector’s job entails a thorough examination of the exterior through to the interior of the home along with the infrastructure, water quality, plumbing, and electrical systems. Ultimately, a thorough inspection should eliminate any unforeseen repair costs.


Checking the Inspector’s Credentials

When choosing your home inspector, be sure they have actual personal experience. An inspector who is experienced knows what to look for in a structurally sound home. Employing an inspector with a general contractor’s license is also useful. But, in the end, personal experience and training are the most critical when choosing a property inspector.


Ask Prospective Inspectors for a Sample Report

To make a well-educated decision, ask a prospective home inspector for a sample report. This piece of paper should give you a bird’s eye view into how skilled and thorough the potential inspector is. You want to check that the report is both detailed and comprehensive. Additionally, you don’t want a sample report full of technical jargon that is difficult to understand. Be sure the report the inspector produces is clear, easy to understand, and does not obscure pertinent information among liability disclaimers.

Don’t Shop for a Bargain

When looking for homes and condos for sale, it is customary to shop around. Like houses for sale, home inspection fees vary greatly. A lower fee does not mean you are getting a bargain. Instead, it could mean the inspector is inexperienced or does not spend enough time inspecting to be thorough. Potential remediations and home repairs can cost you much more than the fee of a good home inspector. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a home inspector, don’t try to save a few dollars.

A Real Estate Agent Can Help You Find the Right Home Inspector

As you find the right home among the Oakville homes for sale, you are going to want to find the right home inspector to help you seal the deal. Using a local real estate agent who has worked with various inspectors can help guide you to the right inspector for the job. Alex Irish has all the experience you need when it comes to getting a reputable home inspection done, thus ensuring you are buying your dream home and not a nightmare.

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