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How to Save Room in a Small Condo

If you live in a small condo—especially if you’ve just downsized—you may be having trouble figuring out how to store things and manage your living space effectively. Here’s what you need to know to make your space look and feel less cluttered.


First things first—you likely have too much stuff! Take a weekend and go through it all and toss what you no longer need, like, or use. Do you need four frying pans? Are you really going to re-read all those books you’re keeping? Can you even tell the difference between those five black sweaters you have? Get rid of everything you can.

Keep Surfaces Uncluttered

When you live in a small space, clutter becomes more obvious. Plus, you just have fewer flat spaces to work with. When these spaces are loaded with “stuff”, your home will look messy and smaller than it is.

This is especially important in the kitchen. People tend to put all their appliances on the counter—and then you need to work around them every time you want to cook something. So, if you only use your toaster oven twice a week, tuck it under the counter and utilize that counter space. And that bread maker you haven’t used in the past year—it’s time to get rid of it completely.

Even appliances you use regularly, such as a coffee maker, don’t necessarily have to take up room in the kitchen. Maybe you can move it into the dining room or living room if you have more room in there.

Consider Getting New Furniture

Take a good look at the furniture you have. Your couch may be great, but it may take up too much space. You likely don’t need a large dining room table when a four-seat table would do—or maybe you don’t even need a table. Instead, get a few stools to place at your counter.  And don’t forget about your bedroom. Do you really need that king-sized bed which is taking up the whole room? Don’t worry about having to buy cheaper “first apartment-type” pieces. Quite a few furniture manufacturers now make designer pieces that are stylish and functional for smaller spaces.

You could also consider folding furniture. You’ve likely seen murphy beds that fold down from the wall, but they also make tables and desks as well.

Now, if buying new furniture isn’t in your budget, simply try looking around to see what you can get rid of. Donate or sell that extra chair in your living room or the long coffee table you keep bumping into and enjoy the extra space.

Make Good Use of Your Wall Space

Getting a few floor-to-ceiling bookshelves instead of a bunch of regular-sized ones will give you just as much storage space, but it won’t take up as much room or make your room look as cluttered.

Consider hanging some hooks in your kitchen or dining room for your pots and pans. This space-saving trick will free up some cupboard space.

Look Around for Hidden Storage

Chances are you have space underneath your couch, chairs, or bed. Get some flat storage boxes to make your organizing even easier.

Don’t overlook your doors either! You can find all different types of over the door storage hangers to store just about anything from socks to spices.

Get Some Mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors around your home can reflect light and space and make your room look bigger. The best place to place mirrors is across from windows which let in natural light and at the end of hallways.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Having adequate lighting is important to brighten up any room, and it helps make the space appear larger. You can always remove existing window covering to let in as much natural light as possible.

And if you must buy lights, skip the floor lamps which will just take up more room. Get hanging lights or track lighting on the ceiling.

Use Closet Organizers

It’s amazing how much you can fit into a closet when you organize it correctly! If you can, get custom-made units to fit your closets. But if you can’t, buy the pieces which will fit in your closets and best allow you to organize your space.

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