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Massive Port Credit Waterfront Community Re-Development Planned In Mississauga

If you’ve been perusing Mississauga real estate listings, but have remained disappointed by the options open to you, you’ll want to see this new development. This 72-acre plot of land is actually located in Port Credit, minutes from the Port Credit GO Station. This massive waterfront community, being referred to as West Village, will feature 2,500 new housing units—split between townhomes and mid- and high-rise apartments—as well as retail and office space that will eventually host shops and businesses. West Village will also feature a waterfront park and green corridors to Lakeshore Road. Currently, the 2,500 housing units in West Village are set to be some of the most incredible homes in Mississauga.

The West Village

The West Village re-development is only a small part of the city of Mississauga’s waterfront development plans. Eventually, West Village will be surrounded by another 64 acres of conservation land, built from material that would otherwise have wound up in a landfill. If you’ve been checking out Mississauga waterfront homes for sale, but have been unimpressed with the results so far, it may be worth waiting until these properties hit the market. The development company, West Village Partners, expects that they will be able to start breaking ground this year.

Typically, houses for sale in Mississauga sell for an average of $748,000 and are on the market for around 16 days. The housing prices in Mississauga are generally trending downwards, with the average cost falling by $167,000 over the last 10 months. While it’s not yet known how the homes and condos in West Village will be priced, there has already been a push from Mayor Bonnie Crombie to include affordable housing units to accommodate a wider range of buyers.

Port Credit Offers Nature And A Small-Town Atmosphere

Many potential home buyers who want to live in a greener and more scenic area have found themselves drawn to these new waterfront developments. Most houses in Mississauga are close to trails and parks, but picking a home or condo in this new development allows you to be much closer to nature.

Port Credit already boasts more than 225 kilometers of walkways and trails, which doesn’t include those that have been proposed as part of the West Village development. There are two golf courses and a bustling marina with plenty of water sports. Even though it’s a quiet, nature-filled area, getting into downtown Toronto only takes 20 minutes, which makes it the perfect location for someone commuting into the city. It’s a great area for young families, with fun annual festivals, like the Southside Shuffle Jazz Festival, and the Paint the Town Red party held every Canada Day.

If you’ve been hunting for gorgeous luxury homes for sale in Mississauga, Ontario, look no further. We can help with your search for the perfect home today.

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