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Modern Colours That Never Go Out of Style

Working at an Alex Irish & Associates, we see a vast array of homes and styles from around the world. Each style unique in and of itself and brings a certain “feeling” to the home. It is a wise idea to decide which sort of colour palette you prefer and pull that same vibe throughout the entire home. While you are not restricted to this, do not feel that you cannot play with some colour and bring out your personality!

Colour is so powerful. It can be alarming, soothing, invigorating: healing, remedial and mood-altering. Perhaps above all else, it can leave you with quite the impression. It makes you “feel” the room you are in. With this much of an influence over the human senses, choosing a colour palette for your home can feel like an intimidating task, Knowing where to play it safe or where to strike up a bold colour – but these colour combinations have stood the test of time.

Black and White

210 Gloucester Avenue, Oakville by Alex Irish & Associates

210 Gloucester Avenue, Oakville

The most classic of all the colour combinations! Black and white checkered floors will always look incredible in a kitchen or bathroom, but the latest way to utilize this colour combination is to use more white and add elegant black details, in stunning contrast!

Taupe and Coffee

2594 Bluffs Way, Burlington at Alex Irish & Associates

2594 Bluffs Way, Burlington

Usually, beach houses in sunny destinations are adorned with bright or metallic accents to offset the natural wood running throughout. Check out this bathroom, pairing the metallic taupe curtain with the dark stained, wooden vanity – a jaw-dropping combo, listed with Alex Irish & Associates.

Gray Escape

127-56 Jones Street, Oakville at Alex Irish & Associates

127-56 Jones Street, Oakville

That feeling of cloud-like softness to darker charcoal, gray has some serious versatility! Gray can be used in both traditional and modern homes alike, and can instill different feelings depending on the hue or tone. Have a look at this bathroom, where both light and dark gray are utilized in perfect harmony! Spice up more neutral rooms with moody hues and relax with the calming power of a good gray.

Soothing Blues

529 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville at Alex Irish & Associates

529 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville

Pale blue curtains, vases & a phenomenal coat of blue paint all couple well with antique, industrial-style furniture. Try adding a pop of colour within your art, throw pillows or decorative tabletops like in 529 Lakeshore – listed by our international brokerage.

Yellow and Gold

32 Lambert Common, Oakville at Alex Irish & Associates

32 Lambert Common, Oakville

There is a certain sort of “richness” to yellow tones, whether they take the form of sunny painted walls, mustard-toned chairs and sofas, or incredible gold-gilded artwork and frames. Not only does this shade pair well with most lighting, it also illuminates vintage fixtures & antiques.

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