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Oakville Luxury Homes

Picturesque, charming and truly wonderful, Oakville is a fantastic town steeped in rich culture, natural beauty and architecture, with stunning views out across Lake Ontario. Often finding itself ranked among the best places to live in Canada for happiness, high average wage low crime rate and a whole host of other categories, Oakville is a historic settlement known for its strong community, fantastic restaurants and unique and luxury shops, as well as being just far enough from the city to avoid the hustle and bustle, yet still close enough to commute with ease. It is not surprising that the town has become a popular place to live in recent years.

Oakville’s beautiful streets are a quiet reflection of its fine qualities. From amazing lake views, to traditional designs dating back to the town’s heritage, and more modern styles included, houses around Oakville range from the superb to the luxurious, presenting some of the most magnificent abodes in not just the Greater Toronto Area, but in all of Ontario and Canada itself.

With exquisite interiors that complement the stunning facades and grounds, each property holds a wonderful aesthetic, be it in a sharp modern architectural design or a freshly renovated classical style home. Holding extravagance and immense detailing, each immaculate kitchen, gorgeous master bedroom and spacious garage is sure to catch the eye for whatever you are looking for.

A walk along Chartwell Road would certainly give some good examples of the exquisite quality and style of the houses in Oakville and the surrounding area. Some of the finest estates available sit either side, shaded by grand trees and verdant gardens, perfectly landscaped to give a magnificent view, regardless of if you are walking the grounds of the property or simply passing by on the street.

Magnificent luxury

Taking a look inside however presents even more grandeur, each property of sensational quality and style. Take for example a recent sale on Chartwell Road of a simply superb luxury estate home, one of the finest in Oakville. Walking through the gates of this property to the curved driveway leading in, this timeless house holds over 8,700 square feet of living space, whilst given privacy by the majestic trees at the street edge. Renovated in 2015 and 2019, each addition has combined to create a masterful interior, combining the fantastic craftsmanship of the original home with modern amenities. It now holds five bedrooms and six bathrooms in the main building, as well as another in the poolside cabana.

However, a residence simply being large and of great design is not everything to luxury homes. It is the delightful features that add comfort, splendour and fine quality. With this property, it comes with a state of the art home automation system that allows all aspects of the home to be just a  single push away from whatever room you are in, for security, music or thermostat among others. The 1.5 acre grounds also hold an exquisite blue pebble tech finish pool, complete with flowing water jets and pool lights that create a stunning visual at night.

Complete with a craft room, games room, a cold storage area, two five-piece ensuites, an exquisite library and a sun room, which presents a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the weather, no matter what time of year, this property is one of utterly superb detailing and style, with every inch immaculately crafted. Along with this, it presents plenty of storage space across the estate, including a pantry, utility room and a spacious three car garage. Renovated along with the house, it comes with checkered floors, its own gas heaters and exquisite chandeliers, making it the perfect home for any cherished automobiles and the ultimate addition for the ultimate car or bike enthusiast.

With its beautiful surroundings, great entertainment and fantastic shops and restaurants, Oakville is a great place for luxury homes. Holding all the perfect additions that could be needed, from cutting edge home automation system controls, to magnificent pools and superbly detailed and designed rooms, the town holds many properties that truly live up to the word ‘magnificent’.




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