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Preparing for Open Houses: 5 Must-dos!

You have probably been looking at houses for sale on your electronic devices for a while now. You know what you want, but until you get to see the inside of the home, it is hard to be sure if it is truly the right house for you.


Open houses have been a long-standing technique used by sellers and realtors. This casual sales strategy gets people into a home, and potential buyers don’t feel obligated to make an offer. You have probably seen numerous signs for open houses in Burlington each weekend, and now you want to start attending some.


There are 5 points you are going to want to keep in mind during your open-house visits.


  1. Don’t Get Distracted by Elaborate Staging

When an owner is trying to sell a home, they are going to do what it takes. The way a house looks, both inside and out, isn’t necessarily what it is going to look like when you move in. As you go through the home, be sure to look past the elaborate staging that the owner has set up for your viewing pleasure and focus on what is important. Check for potential problems like broken appliances or any damage to the home.

  1. Go Through the Home Systematically

Attending an open house can be a little awkward because you are walking through someone else’s home. However, if you want to thoroughly see the home and still be polite, be systematic. Go from room to room in an orderly fashion. Don’t be afraid to open doors and look at everything. Bring a tape measure or a notepad to take notes.

  1. Listen to Everyone and Look at Everything

Though it is a commonplace to look for potential issues when at an open house, it can be crowded, and things can get missed. As you are looking at everything, listen to what others are saying around you. A little innocent eavesdropping may open your eyes to an issue someone else has caught that you didn’t see.


  1. Learn Everything You Can

One of the primary advantages of attending an open house is the ability to look at houses for sale naturally. There is no one breathing down your neck as you look around the home, the yard, and even the neighbourhood. Learn about the houses that sold on the same street or adjacent streets recently, and take the time to ask about amenities, schools, and restaurants.


  1. Watch Other Buyers

As you are going through the home, you can quickly spot the experienced open-house shoppers. Pay attention to what other potential buyers are doing. If you see people going in and out without much thought, it is a bad sign. If you see people hovering around the showing agent waiting to ask questions, the house could be priced well and might sell quickly.

Talk to a Local Realtor

As you begin your house hunting journey, find a local realtor who knows the area and who can point you to the right open houses. Come visit us at Alex Irish, we know the Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga area and can provide you with a wealth of information to maximize your open-house experience.

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