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Saving Glen Abbey Golf Course!


This is an update to our blog of January 11th, 2017. As all local residents know, one does not need to be a golfer to fully appreciate Canada’s most famous Golf Course! This picturesque property straddling Sixteen Mile Creek has long been considered the historic and scenic heart of Oakville.

In the early 1970’s pro golfer Jack Nicklaus was commissioned to redesign Glen Abbey, his first solo project.  He was disappointed to learn that a redevelopment proposal had been made in 2015 by current owner, Rai Sahi of Clublink to turn much of the course into a residential and commercial subdivision. Perhaps it was no coincidence that Mr. Nicklaus was in Oakville during this year’s Canadian Open, the 29th time it has been played at Glen Abbey!

The town has been studying the impact of the proposed redevelopment plan. A staff report has recommended that the Town of Oakville proceed with a Notice of Intention to designate the Glen Abbey property as a ‘significant cultural heritage landscape’ under s.29 of the Ontario Heritage Act. The Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee endorsed the recommendation earlier this week as part of the Cultural Heritage Landscape Strategy implementation program.

The Clublink development applications will be considered at the September 26, 2017 Town Council meeting.

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