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Space Saving Ideas for Small Condos

How to Get More Free Space & Storage in Small Condos

With the current house prices in Ontario, the substantial costs are unattainable for many. For those wishing to save some money on a home or hoping to live downtown, apartments and condos are great alternative inexpensive living spaces. 

However, the concern for space and storage causes people to hesitate when considering living in a condo or apartment. In smaller countries, where there is limited space with high population density, they have learned to optimize their little homes. Here are some ways to furnish and organize your small spaces without feeling claustrophobic. 

Ways to Maximize Space in Small Condos

Functionality. Over. Aesthetics. You do not need an oversized couch, or an oversized table. Needs. Over. Wants. Furniture are big objects that take up lots of space. Think about what furniture you will definitely use multiple times, and give a second thought to others that are not essentials. Is it a want? Or a need? How many times will you actually use it? 

Purchasing multifunctional and compactable furniture can save space and provide more storage. Having couches that have extra drawers or extend into beds, Murphy beds that are elevated to increase storage space or can be folded against a wall, or nesting tables that can extend and reduce for multiple uses and configurations are all examples of flexible furniture that can give your tiny apartment extra space. 

Living in small apartments, especially studio apartments, can be difficult due to everything being in one room, but having separate rooms is important for privacy. Separation of rooms creates a contrast in mood in your condo, a quiet isolated workspace and a public area for activities. Using sliding doors, bookshelves, or even curtains in this situation can save you a little extra room and offer some seclusion. 

Adding onto the Murphy bed concept, make the most out of your vertical spaces. Think of all of the empty spaces on walls all the way up to the ceiling. Hanging things from the ceiling can also provide you additional storage or space for decor. Install shelves and taller furniture pieces to draw your eye up and provide more storage and display opportunities so that your horizontal surfaces don’t feel cluttered and overwhelming.

Finding new smart ways to organize and store unused items is a great way to avoid feeling cramped. Take empty suitcases and fill them with unused clothes, bags, or even more suitcases. Packing smaller items into big storage bags or boxes is a great way to get free storage without the need to install or purchase more shelves and drawers. 

Now that you have storage space to fit everything, it is time to turn your small space to be more comfortable and seem bigger.

How to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger

Using organization skills, illusions, and minimalistic designs can make your tiny space feel more spacious and comfortable. 

Avoid overcrowding your small space with unwanted furniture, decor, and clutter. Have a minimalist mindset when decorating your tiny apartment. Remember about choosing wants over needs? If you have not touched something in over 6 months, you probably do not need it. Get rid of it. Removing unnecessary and redundant messes will definitely expand your space.

Use colors to create an illusion with space. Using bright neutral colors to have better lighting can give your room an uplifting and relaxed environment, and using dark colors in certain areas to enhance a feel of separation are small changes you can do to your condo. Choosing a bright color for an accent wall or ceiling can make rooms feel more spacious because of its bright environment, and adding contrasting colors to your workspace can make it feel disconnected to public spaces, making an appropriate focus area. 

Mirrors are one of the best known tricks to make spaces seem larger. Well placed large mirrors are not only functional but also form an illusion of a bigger space. Light reflections from mirrors also cause rooms to feel brighter and bigger. 

Natural lighting can really brighten up a small space. Letting all natural lighting in without blocking it is a way to generate a livelier space. However, having lots of natural light may be difficult to obtain in small condos. Adding a creative and multi-layered lighting plan is a way to get more lighting to your small space. 


Small condos and apartments do not have to mean less storage and room. Now, finding new ways to create extra storage space will not be a problem anymore, and concern for small, suffocating condos are no longer present. With minor modifications and choosing the appropriate decor and furniture, you can transform your tiny space into a comfortable home for you and your family. 

Whether You Are Considering Selling Or Leasing A Home Or Condo, Alex Irish & Associates offer an unparalleled level of service, discretion and marketing regardless of price point or locale.

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