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Spice Up Your Home Series: Vol 1—Renos Under $5,000

Have you been feeling less than inspired by your home as of late? Are you thinking it’s just about time to undertake a few home renovation projects, but you’re working on a strict budget? While there are plenty of large-scale projects that you can do, they tend to come at a pretty high price tag. Here we’ll focus on those renovations that are under $5,000 yet will completely transform and spice up your home. Keep in mind, the more demolition and work you can do yourself, the cheaper the renovations will end up being.

So, let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the most popular home renovations under $5,000.

Modernize Your Kitchen with Simple Projects and Touches

When you think about the most well-loved and used rooms in your home, it’s most likely that the kitchen comes to mind. Not only is this a place where you prepare meals, but it’s where the family gathers to eat at the end of the day and catch up on what’s been happening with each other, it’s a place for entertaining guests and tends to be the hub of the home. It’s no wonder that it also shows wear and tear a lot sooner than other areas in the home.

Well Chosen Kitchen Renovations Can Improve The Value Of Your Home

Well Chosen Kitchen Renovations Can Improve The Value Of Your Home


A kitchen renovation can also scare budget-minded DIYers, as you can easily spend a small fortune in this room. At the same time, there are ways you can modernize the space and refresh its look while staying under $5,000.

A great place to get started with is adding in a backsplash. This is something a relatively handy person can do on their own with great results. It just takes patience, the right tools, and correct measurements. Other projects can include changing out all the hardware for more modern fixtures, giving the room a fresh coat of paint, installing new flooring if the budget allows, staining or painting the cupboards, and hanging new light fixtures.

If you’ve been dreaming of replacing the countertop, be sure to get a quote first as this item alone can easily exceed $5,000.

Update and Refresh Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are another room in the house that can quickly start to show wear and tear and really age the house in general. Again, you take on some relatively simple yet impactful projects in this room and completely transform the space.

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Bathroom Renovation

A great place to start is with a new vanity, mirror, faucet, sink, or toilet. These items combined will have the bathroom looking brand new. From there, you can spice up the space with a fresh coat of paint. If you find your bathroom is a bit small and closed in, opt for a light bright shade to make the space feel more open. If your goal is to create more flow through the house in general, stick to the same colour palette as the rest of the home.

Don’t forget to also address lighting in the bathroom by hanging newer, more modern fixtures.

Give Your Master Bedroom a Whole New Look

Lastly, there is the master bedroom, which deserves its own personality. There is no reason to continue with the same colour palette as the rest of the home—here you’ve got a bit more creative freedom so to speak. A master bedroom should feel comfortable, inviting, stylish, and romantic, and it should also reflect your style. With that said, there should be a real emphasis on décor pieces such as linens, pillows, a decorative rug, artwork, lamps, and other little touches.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start in the master bedroom, pick a colour palette that speaks to you, and then start to create a vision. It doesn’t have to be themed; you just want the room to flow. Some of the most popular colour palettes tend to be softer ones, as they help to create that whole sense of relaxation and serenity. Whether you paint all four walls the same colour, or opt for an accent wall, you’re going to see a huge difference.

Master Bedroom Reno

Master Bedroom Reno

Of course, if the budget allows, you can always look into new furniture, even if it’s only one or two pieces. If not, then you can switch out hardware and possibly refinish or stain the existing pieces depending on what they are made from.

Each of these home renovation projects will come in under $5,000, as long as you plan accordingly and keep track of everything you’ve spent. They are also bound to offer maximum impact and really spice up your home.

If you are interested in seeing how your renovation will impact the value of your home, whether you are buying or selling, contact us at Alex Irish and one of our expert realtors will be able to answer all your questions.

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