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The Benefits of Staging Your Home When Selling

Are you selling your home? If you are, your real estate agent has probably already mentioned that staging your house should be a top priority. If your home is staged properly, your first open house could be your last open house. This is especially true if you’re selling your home within the thriving, vibrant, and growing community of Oakville, Ontario. It’s a popular place to live and, with all of those potential buyers out there, you’ll want your house to stand out from the many other homes for sale in Oakville.

A Well-Staged Home Gets More Engagement From Potential Buyers

Your real estate agent is on your side. Just like you, they want to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. There are many houses for sale in Oakville, and first impressions mean everything. For potential buyers and the real estate agents working on their behalf, their first impression of your home will come from photos viewed online or from the real estate section of the local newspaper. You need to catch their eye so they’ll want a closer look. Once inside your staged home, buyers and their agents will be vying to close the deal.

Homes That Are Staged Sell Quickly

Home staging can be the simple act of decluttering, or it can be a fresh coat of paint, new furnishings, updated window treatments or even small-to-large renovations on kitchens and bathrooms. Whether your home is full of your treasured memories and possessions or If it’s empty, home staging can help. Today’s real estate agents, like the team at Oakville’s, will work with you to stage your home according to your goals and budget. Advising you on the latest styles in home furnishings, décor,

and trends that will help sell your home fast.

Ensure The Best Return On Your Investment By Staging Your Home

Dining Room Staging For Home Sale“According to Schwarz’ statistics, home staging can help reduce a property’s listing time on the market by 30 to 50 percent and could deliver a price that is 6 to 20 percent more than a vacant home or a home that is not properly staged.” (1,2)

The real estate market is competitive, especially in Oakville, Ontario. Stand out from the crowd and stage your home. Whether you do it yourself, with the help of your real estate agent, or by employing a home-staging business; just do it. Home staging will not only help sell your home quickly, but it can also earn you above-market value, giving you a significant return on your investment.



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