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The Connected Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies, was recently held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For those who thrive on the business of consumer technology, this global stage that introduces attendees to next-generation innovations, was the place to be. There continues to be an influential trend of technology in today’s homes. More elements of the home that were once analog mainstays made their digital debut at this year’s CES.

The Kitchen

For the sous-chef in training, managing multiple items within a single oven can prove challenging. When there is a whole roasted chicken and a puff pastry that need to be ready for serving simultaneously, managing the oven temperature and cooking times can be frustrating.

Whirlpool’s Connected Hub Wall Oven utilizes a transparent 27” LCD interface in place of a traditional  glass oven door. It will unlock access to discover, learn and control the cooking process from a central hub.  Features include personalized recipe suggestions based upon a family’s preferences; step-by-step video instructions via the Yummly platform (no need for a cookbook!); Coordinated Cooking allows recipes to be stacked up and steps will be prompted at the right time on the LCD screen; and an internal vision system enables the temperature of food to be checked without opening the oven door. This new oven will offer families a whole new, automated approach to preparing meals in a timely manner.


Smart locks have been around for several years now, but Lockly’s new Secure Pro Smart Lock has combined and refined the best features into one single package. In addition to being beautifully and meticulously designed, it features the highest level of security available. It includes a capacitive fingerprint scanner, which prevents any ‘scanned’ fingerprints from tricking the lock. One can also use the Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands to lock and unlock.

Most unique is a digital keypad (named PIN Genie) that randomly arranges the digits into groups of 3, so it is nearly impossible to guess the input, even if someone has visually observed it being entered. One can even remotely generate a temporary PIN to allow guests and potential home buyers to enter. Through a smartphone it will be possible to control and monitor door access from anywhere in the world and securely control who comes and goes.

Home Entertainment

The Sonos Beam, also previewed at the show, is a well-designed, extremely advanced soundbar. It automatically pairs with your TV and remote, playing music, TV, movies and more. It offers exceptional dialogue clarity with speech enhancement and also has Alexa voice control. Beam’s compact and versatile design is perfect for rooms where space is at a premium.

No doubt the influential technological trends will continue both in our homes and places of work in the years to come![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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