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What’s Happening in Downtown Oakville? Progress on The Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project

Picture this: A prominent downtown suburb with cutting-edge urban planning, sustainable revitalization, a vibrant community, and dense green landscaping. This dream is about to turn into a reality for Oakville, a prominent and fast-growing destination in Southern Ontario.

In a quest to inject some new life, while retaining the rich cosmopolitan culture of downtown Oakville, the town has announced a reconstruction project. Apart from this, the revitalized town will be geared to complement the Lakeshore Road streetscape.

The citizens of Oakville already adore their picturesque, friendly, amenity-filled community, and they are eagerly awaiting the results of this reconstruction plan. The improvements are going to make this magnificent town even better, and soon there will be even more reasons to love the beautiful town of Oakville.

The II-Phase Reconstruction Plan

The construction is scheduled to be completed in two phases over a period of two years.

The first phase of the program includes the redevelopment of Navy Street to Dunn Street, and the second phase will cover the area between Dunn Street to Allan Street.

Needless to say, the construction is well underway, and the first phase is likely to be completed by the end of November this year. After that, the second phase is scheduled to be completed by November 2020, just in time for the Santa Claus parade!

Progress So Far

The plan was announced in March of this year, and the construction finally broke ground last month, on April 22nd. At the moment, Rebecca Street is in the process of being redeveloped. From concrete repairs on the sidewalks to installing new underground utilities, the first phase is certainly on the right track.

Positive Impact on Real Estate and the Community

Downtown Oakville is a prosperous town; there are no two ways about it. With its rich culture, exuberant society, and urban planning, once the town redevelops as scheduled, it is likely to flourish even more.

The project aims to reconstruct the roads, beautify the streets, improve cycleways, and enhance mobility and connectivity. And this doesn’t even begin to cover the whole plan. In addition, other elements like public Wi-Fi, electric charging stations, and furnishings—such as street benches, bollards, and lighting—will also be addressed.

All these developments will inject new energy in the Oakville real estate market.

These smart elements will work as catalysts in improving the community, and they will offer great opportunities to host public events and will provide a vital stimulus to real estate in the vicinity. After all, the better the neighborhood is, the more thriving the real estate is likely to be.

The greatest thing about this plan is that it aims to rejuvenate downtown Oakville, all the while retaining their rich history and culture.

Are you excited to see how the final developments will turn out? Contact us today, as our team of local experts can provide more information and regular updates regarding all your real estate needs.

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