What Exterior Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

The outside of a house is the first thing anybody sees when looking to purchase and it’s appearance its often ...
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Designing The Perfect “She Shed”

In recent years, having a section of your home dedicated to relax, unwinding or exclusively for working has gone far ...
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Space Saving Ideas for Small Condos

How to Get More Free Space & Storage in Small Condos With the current house prices in Ontario, the substantial ...
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Miniature house on pile of money

How Can Homeowners Prepare For A Recession

After two very strong years in the housing market, the signs of a cooldown are very apparent. Coinciding with real-estate ...
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Luxury home exterior

Exterior Home Improvements That Can Increase Home Resale Value

Whether listing your home for sale or just making home improvements, the exterior of your home is what people see ...
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Well designed home workspace

Designing the Perfect Home Workspace

The world as we once knew it has completely changed - we have now grown accustomed to the new normal ...
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Health and Wellness Trends in Luxury Real Estate | Alex Irish & Associates

Health and Wellness Trends in Luxury Real Estate

Luxury lifestyle isn't just about looking great anymore. It's about feeling good too. Of course the world's affluent still want jaw ...
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The Benefits of Condo Living In Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington

While real estate has cooled in some parts of Canada, competition in the Golden Horseshoe area has remained fierce. Aside ...
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Alex Irish & Associates Top Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful process, so it is understandable that it can make your pets anxious, too. All the ...
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